Sander du Floo

Young European Photography Artist 2017 by New York Photo Ville

As a photographer artist, I observe how people often interact with artworks and believe people share universal aesthetic values. The only thing that differs is our personal taste and cultural influence.

Take natural beauty as an example. The spectacular landscapes like Ha Long Bay from Vietnam or Grand Canyon from The United States which people admire for its beauty. We perceive the same image, and evoke the same emotions when looking at them. The same goes for man-made creations, where we universally admire the architectural beauty of Paris or New York City.

Therefore, the human need for aesthetic values is important. We have our own perceptions and activities like gardening, taking care of our appearance, home decoration. When we are satisfied with what we want to achieve in aesthetic needs, art is no longer just aesthetic and decorative values, but it is also a form of escapism, a distraction from our reality.

With this vision, I approach and design dreamy and phantasy worlds. The highest goal I want to achieve in creating a work of art is a moment where you are taken away from reality and brought to your imagination. Because I do not want to tell the underlying thoughts and story, but want to give the viewers full control and pure space in their never-ending story.

The only thing I want to control as an artist is the settings and visual representation of the artworks. This is a far-reaching quest for a balanced and structured composition in which not only the composition but the lighting also communicates important emotions to the viewer for which I leave the free interpretation.